A totally secure digital payments system for growing trend of global consumer spending online.
Partners in transforming the global payment cards industry
DizziGlobile gives people a way to shop online and face-to-face in the most secure and hassle free manner.
Secure digital payments system
Compatible with all merchant systems
Reduces credit card frauds
Solution Drafted
In today’s Digital World, Payment Card Security is a major concern of safety for users who want to do transactions with their physical cards. Stats show that there are numerous card fraud losses happening around. It has increased the overall cyber security cost all around the world. Even after such a huge investment in Cyber Safety many cardholders have stopped purchases due to cyber security fears. To overcome this problem DizziGlobile created a secure way of transacting while doing any payments to merchants. The solution comes with a virtual, 100% secure, fraud-free and online compatible alternative to traditional payment cards.
The solution is created after detailed understanding of security issues being faced by customer in using the physical cards. Solution is evaluated on various parameters to ascertain it works as a complete alternate to existing payment process. The solution was again validated for security aspects while doing the transactions and finally was released for end customers to use it.
The Result
  • A product with unique, totally secure digital payments system for consumers.
  • The results supports the growing trend for global consumer spending to be online, mobile and  cashless.
  • Enabling cashless eCommerce reduces the back office and fraud cost, plastic cards cost, as well as  their environmental impact.
  • Improved service to customers and offering unparalleled security helping rebuild online trust
  • The product have been developed to seize the growing opportunity for digital payments face-to-face or online while combating the issues faced by all.
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