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YapApp has been building websites for more than a decade now. You can learn a lot more on our about page. We have come a long way when it comes to helping brands create a strong reputation in the market. The features of our successful journey are cutting edge technology, smart work, and a team of a passion for thinking out of the box. Our teams of in-house experts are seasoned with an abundance of experience to give you results that are in sync with the latest marketing trends. Each of our professionals is in the business for quite a while and knows each and everything about building websites.

Yes, we do build mobile applications, e-commerce development, full stack development and digital marketing. In digital marketing, we provide the services of social media advertising, lead generation and growth hacking. We also have a product design team that can humanize your website for customers with our UI/UX design. Our team provides the best mobile app design and visual design. When it comes to web development, we do Node Js development as well as PHP/MySQL. Our mobile app development services include both iOs and Android development.

Well, it is a thousand dollar question that a lot of small business owners want to know prior to they have their website built. The cost of a website can vary depending on a variety of factors, just like the cost of a car may vary. There are different packages depending upon your requirements and your unique needs. Small sites will not cost you much, but surely will provide you with an online presence and gives you a chance to be noticed. On the other hand, major enterprise websites may cost more but will give your brand a stronger internet presence and buff your business.

We work with a wide range of company types ranging from small start-ups to mid-sized ones to large corporations to nonprofits to B2C to B2B and more. We provide services across many business industries including technology, apparel, food, health + beauty, travel, camps, finance, arts, fair trade, and more. All these years, we've have been working with businesses to improve customer service, market their products, and draw customers. Our team takes the time to get to know your organization, industry, and competitors to ensure your site supports all of your goals. So, we are always open to working with all kinds of businesses.

The time it takes to build a website depends on the type on the website that you want. There are ones that use a lot of different templates and some don’t. So the time will vary from project to project. Well, who will you be working with during the project is one question that you should ask of all the web design and development firms you are considering. We have s project managers, development managers who will always be there to understand your requirements and provide you with some valuable bits of advice at the same time. Our clients work directly with our tight-knit development team.

Absolutely. Our objective is to please you and this is something we can’t do without your input. If there are some other sites with a design style that you would like to imitate, we can do always do that. We’ll make sure your new site will be a reliable and integral part of your overall brand. We understand that a design for a client has to fulfill a specific set of requirements, so it is quite natural that the process to figure out what our client must include some input from our client. If you want us to decide everything, we will do that also.

Yes. We include content writing and editing in our proposals. We also build your sitemap and help in creating the foundation of your website in the planning stages. We for sure provide our clients with a content writing service that meet up the high standards that any well-developed, professional and high-quality website requires. We have a team of professional writers, who have years of experience in writing quality content. Our writers will take the time to work closely with you and help you decide on which are the better ways to communicate your site’s purpose.

YES! The whole thing that we build will be 100% owned by our clients. Most of them stay with us for the life of the website. YapApp is just irresistible that way. However, in case you decide to take your site to a different hosting service, we will gladly assist you in making the transition as efficiently and effortlessly as possible. The website is yours in any case unless you decided against it. We are always ready to work to satisfy the unique needs of our clients and try to be as flexible as we can in our operations. We are here to provide you with the best website; it’s on you how you want to go about its ownership.

Yes. We can not only help you build an extraordinary web presence but will also help you top the charts of Google Ranking. We always keep search engine optimization in the forefront mind, and always follow best practices. We completely understand that skipping the basics of SEO may not be the right thing to do with your website. We deal with custom website solutions including but not limited to web design, web development, SEO, SEM, social strategy, analytics, and conversion optimization. We believe in delivering customized solutions to match your needs just perfectly and SEO is a big part of these solutions.

Yes, we have the proficiency in designing a cross-browser friendly website so that you give optimum browsing experience to your customers not considering the browser used. We can also design a website which will render evenly good experience in mobile devices via responsive web design techniques. We have expert web developers as well as mobile app developers. They know what it takes to make your website the same on every browser, but at the same time they can make your website look the same on mobile apps. Well, if you want it to look different on mobile, then we can do that also.

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