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Top WooCommerce Development Web Trends to Whiteness in 2020

WooCommerce, being the easiest-to-use and robust eCommerce plugin, captures most of the market share. According to the experts, almost 78.4% of online stores are powered by WordPress plugin WooCommerce.  And the best part here is that it’s totally free to use, making WooCommerce development services quite famous among online shopping websites.


WooCommerce is flexible and works seamlessly with WordPress websites. It offers many options for store owners and developers alike. Following the great advantages, WooCommerce is the driving force behind many ecommerce trends that you will be seeing in 2019.

Mobile Takes Over

With over 2.8billion people already using mobile devices across the world, it’s no secret why most companies are investing in WooCommerce development services to create mobile apps for their websites. Experts predict that over 27% of online sales will be done via mobile devices in 2019. So, if you are not yet having a mobile app, it’s the right time to adopt the change and become responsive with an app.


More Personalized Shopping

Customers love to feel appreciated for visiting a web store. This is something that can be made possible by identifying the activities of each individual and offering personalized shopping experience. The great support behind the increasing popularity is an artificial intelligence that helps in providing more personalized shopping experiences. It’s not just about fetching customer’s name, but also knowing their location, language, and shopping habits as well. With WooCommerce development services, it’s possible for businesses to show visitors local events or sales that would be of their interest.


Great Colors & Combinations

A website is not just a web page that sells products, but it’s a complete package that is capable to attract, engage and retain the visitors. In 2019, we’re going to come across some more unique and attractive color combinations which will make your website look attractive and engaging. Color on WooCommerce website can set the right tone of your site, which is why it’s going to be a great choice to hire a WooCommerce development services provider to carefully convey the critical feelings to visitors excite and encourage them.

magento vs woocommerce


Product Videos

People are looking for something more than the product images. They are now adorning the feature of product videos, which display the products from every corner and visitors know about features of products even without reading the product description. Integrating product videos is one of the most attractive WooCommerce web development trends for 2019.


Flexible Designs

WordPress is renowned for the flexibility it offers in design. It allows the WooCommerce development services providers to build websites using their excellent content management tools. The flexibility not just helps attract more visitors to web-stores, but also encourage them to keep coming for more in the future. Consider investing in fluidic design while creating a website as it is going to be the mobile-first world in 2019.


Parallax Scrolling

This is something very attractive and engaging, making the website looking highly advanced and out-of-the-box. Parallax scrolling has come in existence for some time and gained great popularity among online shopping platform as well as blog owners. And it’s likely to be in trend in upcoming time as well. This allows WooCommerce development services providers to create an immersive impression on visitors and enhances customer engagement.


Final Thoughts

WooCommerce has been a trending platform among online shopping website owners across the world. In the year 2019 also it’s going to rock and the above-mentioned features are sure to make it easier for WooCommerce development services companies to create websites that attract, engage and retain visitors for improved sales and revenue.

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