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Why India Is The Most Preferred Destination To Outsource Software Development Across The Globe

We all know that India is one of the hottest and most preferred destinations for software development outsourcing. But what makes India the ‘Outsourcing Hub’ for the world?

Of course, the lower development cost, higher software development quality and negligent communication barriers are the top reasons, but there is a lot more that serves as the reason for India being the top destination for IT services outsourcing. Outsourcing to India helps global brands to lead the era of technology innovation and competitive edge.

Outsource Software Development Across The Globe

Although India is not devoid of the other outsourcing destinations like China, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, etc., when it comes to top-notch software outsourcing companies, there’s no country that is as advanced and progressive as India.

The companies here have certified web developers, app developers and software developers who use the latest and advanced technologies while matching the international standards to deliver world-class quality.

To add strength to it, we’d like to show here some statistics that will prove India’s ever-dominant control over Software Development Outsourcing worldwide:

  • Over 1 million IT professionals graduating every year.
  • India’s share in the global outsourcing market rose to 55% in 2017-18.
  • India holds 65% of the outsourced IT jobs.
  • Over &5.75 billion spent on Software Outsourcing to India by the end of 2018.
  • Indian IT outsourcing industry employs 3 million talented people.

As per a report by T Kearney’s 2016 Global Services Location Index (GSLI), India remains the number 1 Software development outsourcing destination out of the total 55 countries analyzed.

The report claims that India outperformed the other countries including China, Philippines, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, Chile and Poland.

IT stats

India is expecting a 90% growth rate taking the tally to 5.2 million developers and the world’s most powerful country, USA, is estimating only 25% growth. Interesting isn’t it? And more startups are mushrooming across the country and the facts about startups are quite amazing.

  • 1,200 startups in 2018
  • 108 percent growth in total funding
  • Total of 200 startups available in India, NASSCOM reported

So you see, the talent isn’t a problem when considering outsourcing to India. It has got quite a huge number of people who excel in offering software development solutions. We’ve also interviewed some global companies, out of which 59% confirmed that they were already outsourcing to India and 22% were planning to do it soon.

Let’s explore the factors that make India the most preferred software development outsourcing across the world:

Reason #1: Huge Talent Pool

Look for web developers in India and you’re likely to come across thousands of suggestions. Most of them would be companies that offer outsourcing services and some may be individual developers who offer services as freelancers.

Hire talented People

Indian India industry employs 3 million talented people so you can be sure of getting the best web development talent, as per your requirements.

India boasts on its largest workforce of technology professionals, offering a wide range of IT solutions like Web Development, App Development, Software Development, Digital Marketing, etc.

The diversity of talented people adds more value to software development outsourcing in India. And the country is producing 1 million IT graduates every year, which means the talent is increasing annually. More than web developers in India are aged 18-35 years. They are young, energetic, passionate and available to take challenges that are thrown across to them. Be it Blockchain, IoT, Machine Learning, Ecommerce, Artificial Intelligence, and Software Development, India has the skills and expertise required.

Reason #2: Communication Isn’t A Barrier

India holds strong knowledge about global languages, specifically with English being the most preferred. India is the second-largest English-speaking country after the United States as 350 million people speak English here, making it the strongest competitor of any Western country.

Communication Isn’t A Barrier

Apart from this, India also holds the third rank according to the EF English Proficiency Index. So, you know communication isn’t going to be a problem when outsourcing web development to India.

Your projects will be heard, understood and well-executed by the 3 million IT experts who are proficient at English and also many know other languages too. This language proficiency of IT experts in India has been instrumental in transforming the perception of India.

Reason #3: Cost Efficiently

Of course, we all know that this is the prime reason why most global businesses outsourcing to India. After all, this is the home to the most affordable professionals in the world. With outsourcing to India, companies are able to manage their budget, which in result provides them with large benefits.

Cost Efficiently

When considering outsourcing web development services to India, you know you are going to save over 30% of a cost than the western countries.

But this doesn’t mean you compromise on quality as India also holds the record of having the highest ISO certified forms, so the quality is better always.

With India, you get exactly what they promise—quality, quality, and exceptional quality.

Reason #4: Stringent Security Regulations

When outsourcing to India or any other country, the prime concern among global clients is about the safety of their unique idea and the crucial bank details.

Stringent Security Regulations

Indian IT industry makes things easier by strictly following the “Non-disclosure agreement” wherein the outsourcing company agrees to not share the idea of the client’s business with anyone else including the competitors, other IT companies, etc. So, you know that your idea is completely secure.

Another important reason for India gaining popularity as the top IT outsourcing destination is the latest technologies used for payments like PayPal.

Apart from this, the Indian government is also making efforts to offer global brands with a friendlier and more flexible environment for work collaborations.

Reason #5: Time Zone Advantage
 Time Zone Advantage

The Difference in the time zone has usually been the biggest challenge for global businesses that outsource their web and app development-related work to India.

However, IT companies in India are taking this quite seriously and now offering 24*7*365 customer support.

With round-the-clock availability, they make sure to connect with customers even after the working hours.


With no doubt, India has evolved as the epitome of software outsourcing hubs in the world, thanks to talented professionals, affordable pricing, availability and strong communication skills. However, these factors are just the tip of an iceberg and there are many other reasons why India is growing as the top destination among global businesses for outsourcing.

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