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Top UI UX Design Trends & Technologies to Look for in 2019

The year 2018 has been very impressive if we talk about the technologies launched. Change is good, but it also increases the users’ expectations from the businesses that are having their web presence. Just like the change is nature, it is in the nature of online shoppers and explorers to seek the best platforms, which makes it essential that your business website or app is following the latest UI UX design trends in 2019.

Without wasting your time, I’d like to introduce the most happening and amazing UI trends in 2019 that you’d want to follow this year.

Top UIUX Design Trends

Purposeful Animation

The increasing capabilities of the new browser opened the door for animation. And the opportunities aren’t just as the motion of elements, but also a legit design opportunity. In this year, we see this field of knowledge being explored even deeper. The chances for the complexity to replace fad as the main characteristic feature of animation in design is likely to be noticed this year. After all, motion and transitions convey the message in the most engaging and amazing manner, using purposeful animations is going to be the top among the latest UI/UX trends this year.

Emphasis on Content

Content has always been the prime factor of UI and UX design trends and in this year also, the increased attention to content cannot be underestimated. But, nevertheless, content undergoes some transformations and will be making its way to the international web development industry, making it the top among web design trends in 2019. This year, it’s not just important to use quality content, but also the place that it occupies in this direction.


Simplified Search & Navigation

Gone are the days when people would love the web pages with thousands of products listed. Now, people seek improved and enhanced navigation process and search features that land them directly to the product that they’re searching for. Even if you are planning to build a mobile app, it’s good to keep this on the top priority of your app design trends 2019. It will accelerate users’ interactivity with the app while making things easier for on-the-go buyers.

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UIUX Design Trends & Technologies

Voice-Supported Interfaces

With the introduction of gadgets like Amazon Eco and technologies like Google Assistant, people are no more typing. They just prefer guiding the platforms through their voice. Voice-supported interfaces are sure to lead the industry and the designers will now need to focus on this one of the top UX design trends while designing websites and mobile apps designing for this new medium.

Full-Screen Background Pictures

This is something very cool and engaging. Every day, I see more and more best UX websites adopting this trend. In fact, some websites are also using videos in their background that tell stories about their business, customer engagement and a lot more. Once your user gets engaged with video or the image in the background, he will spend more time and browse through the different pages.

I believe it’s going to be a great experience this year with the above-mentioned latest UI & UX trends.

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