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The Biggest Trends in The UX Design Industry 2020

The world of web design is unpredictable. Every year, there are new and more advanced software launched to create amazing designs with ease and there are better ways found to make User Experience a better one for the end-user. As the UX design continues to transform the global brands, we’re likely to see the latest additions to the UX design trends in 2020.

To give you a glimpse at the future, we’ve collected a set of 5 top UX design trends that you may whiteness in the year 2020.

Automated Illustrations

We all know that the illustrations have been in the product design industry for quite a long time. They’re very popular design elements, allowing the professionals to add a human touch to the overall UX design of the products. There is a reason that most businesses invest in illustrations – they’re very effective and strong attention grabbers.

The appearance of automation in illustration has made it even more impressive. Applying automation to illustrations may bring your products to life and make them feel more engaging. Adding extra details and personality to your online website is now possible with the automated illustrations.

Another reason why automated illustrations are going to be trending in 2020 is their ability to capture users’ attention and keeping them engaged for longer.

Growing focus on inclusive design

As per Forrester’s Inclusive Design Imperative (April 2019), more than 80% of global brands are focused on the users who are “normal” or “average”.  The report also predicts that many companies only address accessibility concerns as required for legal compliance.

If talking about making the UX design complete, then the inclusive design has the capability to make accessibility and inclusion central to the UX design process. The experts also call the global brands to create their designs with the needs of 20% of the users that they usually miss out on.

After all, a good User Experience is a design that is accessible to all the end-users and not only to a specific set of people. Remember as a company, your focus should be on all the users, and inclusive designs can help meet the needs of more people in 2020.

3D graphic in web & mobile UI & UX

We all love 3D graphics and they’ve been pretty much everywhere. We have seen 3D graphics in movies, video games, cartoons, adverts on streets, and more. Although the 3D graphics were introduced a few decades back, they’ve made way to almost every aspect of human life.

With the introduction of 3D graphic design in the web and mobile design industry, things are getting quite interesting now. The new web browsers have now opened doors for 3D graphic designers to try their hands on UI and UX to create modern web and mobile interfaces.

However, to create 3D graphics and integrate them into the web and mobile interfaces is not easy. This requires special skills and tons of hard work, but the results are rewarding. The integration of 3D to the UX design world allows professionals to present the products and services in a lot more interesting and interactive way.

AI & VR in graphics

For design experts, 2019 has been a big year and we have seen a lot of progress and advancement in the industry with the introduction of VR headsets. Although it was first launched in the gaming industry, Virtual Reality has started to make way to the other industries slowly.

Global leaders like Facebook have already tested exciting hand interaction features and announced the hand-tracking update for Quest, coming early 2020!

Similarly, global leading companies have invested in Augmented Reality development in the last year, so we can expect great innovations in the coming year. Even Apple has introduced AT toolkit called ARKIT 3 to help designers and developers build AR-based products.

Asymmetry & split screen

If you’ve been looking into the latest UX design trends, then you would have noticed another emerging trend that is quite popular – Asymmetry & split-screen. This is a classic trend that reflects an easily digestible flow of information, catering to the sense of completion.

We feel like the coming year is going to have a comeback of asymmetry. Unlike dealing with multiple tools for screen estate, split screens are comfortable and very easy to set up.

It was originally designed to provide separate information blocks in one screen, but now it has become a visually appealing way for the UX designers to present any type of information in an effective and interesting way.


Whether you are a professional designer or a business owner, considering the above-mentioned UX design trends to your coming projects is sure to make it possible to attract more end-users in an engaging and effective way.

In simple ways, 2020 will be all about acquiring new knowledge and skills to make your designs, even more engaging with an aim to cater to prepare designs for all of your users. Cheers to the New Year!

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Monika has over 6 years of experience in UI/UX. She holds a sound understanding of technical requirements/problem analysis & resolution for providing the best solutions to clients. She is passionate about her work and enjoys interacting with her team. In his leisure time, she loves to listen to music & play with her son.

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