Top Reasons Why Google Play & App Store Block Your Applications

Your app is unique, the design is perfect, navigation seems cool and you love using it too, but still it’s not accepted by Google Play and App Store? There have been various similar stories where the mobile apps seem perfect, but still face rejection from these two platforms.

The common problem many mobile app development experts face is that the rejection isn’t clarified with any particular reason. If you are an iOS app development or Android app development expert and your app just got rejected, here is a list of the top reasons behind the rejection.

Bugs or Crashes

This is the most common reason because not every mobile app development company believes in testing the app before publishing it. No matter how well the app is working, there are always chances of bugs in the app. This makes it important to include ‘Testing’ in your complete app Android app development process.

Performance issues

Google and Apple only allow apps that are perfect and have no technical issues. If your app is slow loading or it is unable to perform well during low internet connectivity, your app is almost guaranteed to be rejected. Check for the below-listed issues before you publish the app:

– App not running fluidly

– Screen causes confusion or frustration

– Navigation is choppy

– App takes too long to load

Absence of Privacy Policy

For every app being launched on Google Play or App Store, it is important to have a privacy policy. This may include the policies of using the mobile app or the legal implications that may be applied in case of wrong usage. If your app is developed for children, you must include a link to a Privacy Policy page.

Compatibility Issues

There’s a reason why every mobile app development must have the latest devices available to check before the app is launched. The apps must work on all the latest systems for a glitch-free experience of the users. So take note of that for your tests.

Content Guidelines Violation

Many times, iOS and Android app development companies stuff keywords in the description to ensure the app ranks during the searches. This may seem a great choice, but it results in rejection for sure. It is important to use only limited numbers of keywords while writing a description of the app.


There may be many other reasons, but the above-listed are the most common ones. If your app gets rejected, don’t feel unconfident of your react-native app development skills. Look for the possible rejection reasons and launch it once again for guaranteed approval.

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