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Top Magento 2 Extensions to Boost Sales in Holiday Season 2020

Are you looking for top Magento 2 extensions to boost your ecommerce sale?  The festival season is the best time of the year for sellers as well as buyers. The buyers are looking for the best bargain deals online while the sellers plan to achieve their annual targets with more sales during this period.

With the festival season approaching, global sellers have already started to get ready to grab maximum sales. If you run a Magento store and are still not prepared, the time is now to boost your sales during the holiday season.


Magento 2 Extensions

The best way to enhance your Magento store sales is to make it quick and comfortable for the buyers. Although Magento comes packed with several features, there is a number of Magento 2 extensions available that can be integrated to expand the functionality of this platform. With a combination of the best Magento extensions, you can quickly fulfill the requirements of your online store in the best way possible.

Here Are The Top Magento 2 Extensions To Boost Your Sales:

One-Step Checkout

According to the figures available, checkout is the step where over 70% of online carts are abandoned, and the reason here is the lengthy process required to complete the payment. Magento 1 default settings offer 6-step checkout, and Magento 2 comes with a two-step checkout.

One-Step Checkout Magento Extension

Using the One-Step Checkout Magento Extension is the ideal way to make it easier for online buyers to complete order processing faster than the default settings. With this Magento extension, shoppers can reduce the multiple steps to single-step with all the required fields customized and available on the same page, so there is no need to keep moving forward or backward to complete order details.

One-Step Checkout Magento 2 Extension is one of the best seller Magento extensions available, because it is well coded and designed to help speed up the purchasing process for buyers.

Reward Points extension

During the festivals, many online buyers aim to grab the best bargain deals on their favorite stores. If you also own a Magento store and aim to inform your target audiences in the most engaging ways about the best deals available, reward points Extension for Magento is the ideal choice to go with.

Reward Points magento 2 extension 1 Images curiosity: Luma

This is an advanced Magento extension that allows the store admins to launch reward points on different kinds of activities by the shoppers. This encourages shoppers to keep coming back to the websites by giving them loyalty points when interacting with your store.
Reward Points magento 2 extension 2 Images curiosity: Luma

Daily Deal extension

If you have multiple deals available on your store and you would like to have something special on the store just like “Today’s Special,” then Daily Deal Extension for Magento is the right choice to make as this lets you launch exciting deals daily on your store.

Daily Deal extension top magento 2 extension Images curiosity: Unknown

This is a custom Magento extension that allows web store owners to create multiple deals online for different kinds of products and manage them easily to boost sales volume quickly.

With this Magento extension, your users know which deals are currently active and the upcoming deals so they can be prepared to grab the deals that are coming on their way. This Magento extension can help boost sales quickly and conveniently.

Banner Slider extension

For online websites, there are only a few seconds to make the first impression. And since the banner is the first thing that your users will be watching before anything else, it is smart to your best move with it.

Banner Slider extension top magento 2 extension

Launch your best deals online on the top of your web store with Banner Slider extension will that is customized to enable an attractive banner at the header, which incorporates an impressive sideshow. With this extension, Magento store owners can easily upload the banner image and banner thumbnail to give an introduction regarding the best deals available.

If required, the admin can also customize the sliding effects to make their web stores even more engaging. The banner slider with relevant and appealing product images and engaging short descriptions along with the discount offer display is sure to grab the maximum target audiences to your store.

Abandoned Cart Follow up Email Extension

When there is a better deal available online, your target customers are likely to jump to the competitors. In case you face the same scenario than using the Abandoned Cart Follow Up Email Extension is the right choice as this will send timely follow-up emails to your customers for every cart abandoned on your Magento store. To make it most exciting and lucrative, store owners can also provide some additional discount offers to the customers, so they get converted soon.

Abandoned Cart Follow up Email Extension

Not all those who leave their carts unattended buy from other sources. They may be only looking for better deals. If you give them a reason to checkout, they will for sure.

Out of Stock Notification

There is nothing more annoying than exploring through thousands of products, landing on your favorite product, and then facing the “out of stock” tag. The best way to avoid this incident for the online buyers is to use the Out of Stock Notification Magento Extension that will send you notifications every time a product goes out of stock so you can fill up your shelves as soon as possible.

Out of Stock Notification magento 2 extension

After all, this is the festival season, and you don’t want your best selling products to be out of stock. This way, you can make sure that your online customers always have something that they want to buy in your store. It will let you boost the sales of your best selling products without any glitch.

The options for Magento 2 Extensions are endless online, but the ones mentioned above are the most used and recommended, depending upon their popularity. This festival season, make sure to offer your best services to the shoppers so they can complete checkout soon and have what they are looking for at the best prices available.

Enjoy selling more this festival season on Magento.

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