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Tips to Create a Website and App User Interface Like A Pro

A website is much more than a group of pages that are connected by links. A website is a space where different people meet, communicate, and affect each other. The interaction between the people and the website creates an experience for the visitor, and as a professional in web design and development expert, it is your job to ensure that experience is as good as it can possibly be.


The best way to ensure a positive User Experience, it is important to think about your user first, foremost, and always!


These top tips will help you focus on your users when you start working on your next web design and development project.


Know the Users


As mentioned above, knowing your target users is the most common things you must want to consider when working on a design project. As a professional web design company, you have to know who your users are—inside and out. Of course, this means all the information that your analytics app(s) can pull, yes. But more importantly, it means knowing what they are looking for and how you can solve their problems.


Understanding their requirements carefully needs more than careful analysis of stats. It needs getting to know the people who visit your website, explore your products, use them and raise queries that go deeper than, “What do you think of this design?” Know their goals and how they aim to achieve those goals. Understand how a website helps them overcome or work around the potential challenges. In short, don’t just settle by knowing what your users want. Go deeper into the topic to find out what they need.


Law of clarity


The clear and engaging UI design is what makes people engaged, which is why Google also gives more preference to the websites with neat and clean design ideas. The design must be created using engaging and only useful content, images and no distractions like pop-ups, advertisements or poor design ideas.


If you are using the Gmail, then you must have experienced a change in its design. Earlier, the latest update, the platform had a very clear text navigation on top of the page and the services like Drive, Sheets, etc. were readily available at the click of a button. Recently, Google decided to move everything behind an abstract icon. As a result, most people never noticed the icon and the platform started to receive a flurry of support requests.


Why? It is important to use the design ideas that people cannot understand. The design interface elements that make people wonder what they do, should be avoided because no one will bother finding out.


Make it Easy to Learn


According to a Harvard psychologist, George Miller, people can only hold 5 to 9 things in their short-term memory.


This defines, the simpler something is, the easier it is to keep it in mind in the short term. It is good to keep things simple by limiting the number of things a person can remember to use your interface efficiently. Use the method of breaking down the information into small, digestible chunks.


It is suggested that the UI designers, offering website design and development services should make their interfaces as simple as possible. You may also choose to cover the complexity of an application behind a simplified interface whenever possible.


Listen to Data


While you might wish that your designs are purely on the artistic merit, the fact is that it is very much important to optimize the designs to meet its objective. The most commonly helpful aspect here can be user research and testing in guiding your design decisions toward fulfillment of the website goal. Experts suggest to set up the website analytics and analyze them regularly to understand the users’ expectations to serve them better.


You have a wide range of options available of tools, but I recommend Google Analytics or Mixpanel, depending on the project type. The Google Analytics is more behavioral, offering you details about the session times, traffic sources, etc. while the Mixpanel is more focuses on events, so it collects data based on actions a visitor. While both the tools are designed to provide both forms of data, they really shine in their focus areas. So make sure to pick the right one, to deliver the best with your website design and development services.

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