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Pixellot – A Live Broadcasting Solution

The Problems Pixellot is a revolutionary way to enjoy the live broadcasting of sports programs across the world on iOS and Android devices. The mobile apps allow the amateurs, rights holders, broadcasters, sports leagues and clubs to enjoy an interactive and immersive viewing experiences. The idea was to create a new and unique platform to …

The Problems MDH Roadies is a remarkable platform that is designed and developed to make things easier for those who are always on the hunt for the unexplored locations but find it difficult to park their caravans at the secure places. The client wanted to create an iOS mobile app to locate for the nearest …

The idea CU wanted to build an integrated application that could connect customers to their nearby local shops, and also allow them to pay directly from the app without any hassle. To offer even better connectivity, they also wanted to offer chats, video as well as audio calling feature. For CU, privacy was more important …

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