Proven Mobile Marketing Methods to Boost Your Business

Strategies like in-app push notifications and geo-targeting may be very renowned mobile marketing tools, but mobile marketing isn’t limited to these features or strategies as there is a whole bunch of methods available to advertise your small business. If you have not yet considered of investing in mobile app marketing or mobile app development, have a look at the following facts:

– Over 2.8 billions of global population is having smartphone.

– Over 40 percent of Americans check their phones within five minutes of waking up.

– On average Americans check their 47 times per day.

According to the experts, the older demographics are even more tech-crazed than younger ones.

So, if you are still not investing on mobile digital marketing, then this is the right time to invest in mobile app marketing and the following strategies may be just the best bet for success:

Keep Content Timely & Relevant

Mobile users are always in hurry, so they spend very less time on the ads. Using bulky or lengthy content may be a turn off for the mobile users. Delivering useful, engaging and exclusive content to consumers is key in mobile marketing success. When promoting mobile app or other services via SMS, keep the text short and relevant.

Actionable Local Advertising Campaigns

Your local advertising strategy must include an SMS shared short code and keyword, having some special discounts or offers. This has been proven as an effective way to generate response than providing a phone number or a website with a hope that the target user will visit the website.

In-store Recommendations

Another tested and proven mobile app marketing strategy is improving consumers’ in-store experiences via in-app recommendations, easy to access product information, discount offers, etc. For example, reward the existing users for sharing the content with others as well as the new visitors who join using that particular referral code.

Committing to Mobile

Building a successful mobile strategy has never been a cakewalk as the compression is always high with more businesses opting for mobile app development. A result-driven strategy requires the perfect balance of creativity and imagination with a data-driven mindset.

If you are not using the above-mentioned points on your mobile digital marketing strategy, then the time is now to make use of these methods to drive more visitors and sales to your business that operates through mobile application.

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