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Tips For Small Budget Pay Per Click Management Services Campaign

Running a successful PPC campaign can be a tough job… and even more challenging when you are low on budget.

The good thing about Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is that it suits businesses of all sizes – small, medium, and large. With so many features and settings to customize the PPC Ads, running a successful PPC campaign with low budget is possible, provided you use the suitable customizations and Ad settings. Here are some handy tips to make the most of your investments in the Pay per Click management services.

Focus on Core Products

When it is your first time in the PPC marketing, it is good to keep your focus on just one or two products or services. Maintain your focus on the core products that you feel will rock on the web world. Make a calculative decision, depending upon your users’ buying behaviors. The study which of your or services are best performed in a particular location so you know what offers greatest conversion rate. If you already know what performs best for your business, then you can proceed to start the planning for your PPC campaign.

Make sure to avoid promoting everything that your business has to offer. The more you aim to promote through the Pay per Click management services, the higher may be your budget to gain traction.

Structure Ad Groups and Campaigns

One of the best tips any business, with low PPC budget, may follow is to effectively create a structure of the ad groups, keywords, and campaigns within the account. This allows you to match the landing pages and keywords with your ads to successfully boost the Quality Score.

Quality Score is the grade that is offered to assess the performance of your PPC advertising campaign. Each keyword you use in the PPC Ads is classified according to the Quality Scores. PPC Ads with higher QS are more likely to have a higher chance to be positioned in a more relevant placement.

Geotarget the Bet Areas

Launching PPC ads according to the selected locations allows you to make better conversions. Identify where your products are sold the most so you can geotarget ads to certain specific regions. For example, if you are a plumber and people from certain location hire your services the most, make sure to set location in that particular area for assured results.

Pay per Click management services allows you to easily target searchers according to the country, state, region, and even zip code. Also, you can use the radios targeting strategy to target specific addresses to get even more granular.

Focus on Mobile

No matter what industry you belong to, a great share of your searchers are looking for your products and services online via mobile devices. Thus it makes sense to keep your focus on mobile searchers.

If you are not customizing your ads for mobile devices, you are already losing a lot on your business. If you are in online shopping or any other industry, which you feel people search more via mobiles, increasing your mobile bid adjustment will help increase the chances of more user attraction.

Keep it Simple

Your PPC ads should be simple and direct when you are looking for genuine visitors. Customize your ad text with certain keywords from the corresponding ad group. IT will help you with the relevancy and Quality Score.

Attractive taglines may be impressive, but secure them for the ad banners. And when you are planning to launch a low-budget Pay per Click management services campaign, use your words wisely.

Track Conversion

Another way to ensure better conversion and improve sales via Pay per Click management services is to accurately track individual clicks to conversions and sales. Look for your best-performing products or services and then customize your ads to make a better impact.

You may use the available tools to track conversions like AdWords’ build in tracking, Google Analytics goal or event tracking, etc. Regardless of your choice for the best conversion-tracking tool, it is essential to determine ROI and optimize your account accordingly.


If managed correctly, low-budget PPC accounts can be effectively and have the potential to deliver results. Hopefully, you now have better ideas about customizing your Pay per Click management services to ensure better results within your budget. If you’re not a pro in the field, then seeking the help of an expert can be an added advantage.

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