How to Increase Your Google Pagespeed Insights Score – 2019 SEO Best Practices

Want to increase your google pagespeed insights score? With the revolution in technology, there is no place for the “slow websites” in modern times. The users these days expect the website pages to load in less than 4 seconds, which is why Google has also made “page load Speed” an important factor for the website ranking, making it essential for every business to think about page speed.


If your website doesn’t load on time, Google crawl bots skip them as they have the “Crawl Limit” which means only a limited set of pages are crawled in one time. If your website isn’t fast loading, the crawl bots may skip your website pages or the entire website and it may have a very bad impact on your website ranking or the SEO activities.

How To Increase Your Google Pagespeed Insights For Your Website?

The website page loading time isn’t influenced by only one factor, but there is a whole bunch of things to look after when planning to give a boost to your Google page speed. So, let’s have a look at how to increase page speed.

Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

This is one of the most effective ways to give a boost to your website page loading time as hosting your media files on DCN can help you save up to 60% bandwidth, which results in faster response time from the server.

When choosing CDN, you host your web files across a larger network or servers around the world. This means, in case a user is browsing the website from India, the website will download the data from its nearest server, making it load faster.

Use a Caching Plugin

For the WordPress websites, using a caching plugin may be a great way to allow the website pages to load faster and save on digital marketing budget. There are many options available for WordPress websites lie WP Total Cache or WP Super Cache.

Most of the caching plugins available online are free to download and are designed to do quite a lot beyond browser caching.

How to Increase Your Google Pagespeed Insights

Use a Good Theme

In most cases, the website owners plan to use pre-made themes for websites, but choosing the right theme is very important to ensure good Google page speed. In case you have a budget, then make sure to use only custom themes as the custom themes may be customized according to your individual needs and have only what you need with clean code that helps websites rank and loads faster.

Use Compressed Images & Files

One of the most important ways to ensure faster loading web pages is using images and codes that are clean and minified according to the Google algorithms and don’t put any unwanted load on the website pages, allowing them to perform and load faster.

Faster websites rank better on Google and other search engines, but that’s not the only reason to ensure faster loading. These days, users expect the websites to load faster and the delay in loading may result in increased bounce rate and reduced conversions.

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