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Top Facts About Full Stack Web Development

If you’ve been looking for someone to take care of your web or app development project, you must have heard the term full stack web development. Of course, you’ve heard about the term as the internet makes everything available at our fingertips.

However, having information doesn’t mean you can understand everything that you see on Google, especially when it is about difficult programming terms. You might see multiple articles online explaining the working of full-stack developers, but if you want a quick intake of this term, here are top facts that will make it crystal clear to you:

Facts About Full Stack Web Development

The Origin

The beginning of the story behind full stack web development dates back to 3rd of June 2008. The managing director of Burns & McDonnell Terminals and Pipelines group had first used this term by describing Tremblay, Geoffrey Grosenbach, and Tom Preston-Werner as full stack developers. It’s a term used to describe the person who can do everything for the web development cycle – design, mark-up, stylish, behavior and programming.

It’s A Mix Of Front-End & Back-End Development

As described above, full stack developer is a person who can work on every aspect of website development and designing. It also includes the ability of a professional of working on the front-end and back-end. While this doesn’t mean that the person is master of everything about web development, but someone who can handle the front-end and back-end, with minimal assistance.

Technologies Include in Full Stack Web Development

There are over 170 programming languages available, but this doesn’t mean you must know all the available languages. However, you must have skills on the technologies to be called as a full stack developer. The technologies include HTML/ CSS, Javascript, Programming languages, Storage and Database, REST API and HTTP, Learning Architecture details, Version control or Debugging.

Full Stack Web DevelopmentFull Stack Web Development More In Demand

Many would believe that professional with skills in particular technologies and programming languages are more in demand. There are many businesses that seek individual skills, but the demand for full stack developers is more, in comparison to native developers. In 2018, full stack developers ranked second in Indeed’s report for Best Jobs.

Better Quality in Budget

The best part of hiring a professional full stack developer is that you get the quality results within budget as you need not to hire multiple developers or experts for web development. With a professional having skills in full stack web development, you will have someone who can design, strategize, code and test the codes to ensure better working of the project. This means, you will have an all-in-one person who can handle everything related to your project.


Full stack web development is an ushering technology that is unfolding new opportunities for professionals as well as global businesses, looking for better solutions t their web development projects. A full stack developer can take care of the steps from conception of idea to actual finished product.

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