Everything You Need To Know Android Oreo 8.0 and Pie 9.0

It’s been quite a while since Google launched its new Android operating device “Pie 9.0”. But not a lot of people are familiar with its features or the one previous to this “Oreo 8.0”. Hence this blog will feature everything you need to know about the latest two Android OS and how they affect your phone like Features, Android app development etc.

android Oreo
                               Android Oreo


Physical Appearance and Aesthetics:

Android Pie is a lot more colorful and softened its edges of interface than Oreo. In short, Pie is more aesthetical sound and more rounded view than Oreo plain sheet feels.


Smart features:

Oreo came in with a bunch of smart features like “Picture-in-Picture”, “Password Autofill”, “Notifications channels”, etc. While Pie took it to the next level with “Dashboard” and “Sanity Check”. Which keep track of all your activity and reports to you all your bad habits in a more proactive way via notifications.

Pie can handicap you into not using a certain app once you cross your usage limit. Developers need to keep these features in mind while Mobile app development.


Night mode and Adaptive Brightness:

Night mode in Oreo used to take out the blue light and only display red and orange which make it soothing on eyes. It adaptive brightness used to work according to external lights.

Pie, on the other hand, will automatically turn into grayscale and “Do not disturb” mode, once you approach your pre-sleep time. The adaptive brightness adjusts automatically on user habits.

android Pie
                       Android Pie


Battery Management:

Battery management is the same in both Oreo and Pie what it used to be in Nougat. Not a lot has changed except for “adaptive battery”, which often located a certain amount of battery to an app working in the background from prior experience.  No major changes, which mobile app development needs to deal with or make changes in their apps for smooth running.


AI and Machine Learning:

A bad AI always used to bug users in Android from the very start. Although AI in Oreo is much better than previous. “Smart text selection”, “Google Play Protect”, “Combat Notification Spam”, and “Better cache data management”. However, Pie has taken to another level with Machine learning and algorithm. Pie will be able to predict what you are likely to do like playing music or booking cab from previous permutations.

What’s new for developers?

There is a lot more to Oreo and Pie w.r.t Android app development frameworks. Google has made it easy for developers to build their app. With the new Display Cutout Class, Google has made it possible for Android app developers to enable a cutout for any device.

Lastly, Pie has also introduced Person class which enables the phone to identify the person involved in a conversation. This class allows the app to provide image support.

Google security services have also enhanced with biometric authentication and can be accessed by the various mobile app.

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