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Custom Web Development Vs. Pre-made Templates: Which is the Right Choice?

“Why spend 100s of dollars for custom website development while I can buy a website template that looks equally engaging?” This is the first thing that appears in the mind of most people planning to invest in web presence for their business.

Well, it’s quite common to keep thinking about using the templates as not everyone is aware of the difference between ‘Custom web designs,’ and ‘website templates.’

As they say, first impression is everything. It must be good: It needs to be remarkable. And since website is oftentimes the first impression that people have of your company, it’s good to make the website appealing, engaging with something different with a custom web development company.
In this article, we’ve discussed about the differences between custom websites and the templates to help make easier for “non-technical people” to choose what is best for their business.


Website templates come with some integrated features that may help save your investments that you’d spend on integrating them to your website if going with the custom website development. Please note: there are limited features in templates. However, you aren’t free to integrate more features or make changes in the existing ones as the theme may have its own limitations.

On the other hands, custom website builder agency allows you to make your pick of the features you want to integrate in the website to engage more users. If you’re planning to do any sort of serious e-commerce business with your website, a custom site is a must. Security can be also an issue with the templates as their single piece of malicious code can be used to hack thousands of sites at once.

Flexibility & Scalability

Website templates seem to be the great “one size fits all” solution for startups or businesses at the early stage. These templates offer some very unique features, some of which may be of no use for the business. These features may create coding conflicts as you try to make changes in its functionality or extend it. It may be a great and affordable choice to get templates for website, but what happens when your company begins to grow and you need something different for your website users?

The integrated features not just make it difficult to integrate new features, but also slow your site’s loading time as traffic to your site grows.


When using templates, there are great chances that there are other websites out there that look exactly like yours. So, what’s the difference between yours’ and theirs’, and why should people remember your brand name? Consulting with a professional custom app development company allows you to stay away from this problem as you will have a website that is designed exclusively for you.

Uniqueness matters a lot when it comes to online business as no one would want to remember your brand name if you are one of those 1000s of other websites having same design, colour scheme, images, but just the different business name. If originality and standing out from the crowd is important to your business, going with the custom designs is the right choice for you.


This is one of the most important aspects of website or app development. You may pick a template for just $100 to $200 while developing a custom website or app may cost you around $1000, but the investments are worth it. The custom website will look good, feel unique, perform better and have the capability to make the changes as your business grows. Remember that your website is the central hub for all your branding and marketing initiatives, so make sure to make smart decisions while choosing between a template or a custom website. A high-quality website will always be a sound investment.


If may seem like a tricky choice, but if you think about the differences between a custom website or a template-based website, then the decision seems very much clear. Custom website is always the winner when it comes to creating something different that would stand out of the competition. Consult with a custom mobile app development company to discuss about the scope of your project to know how the custom web development can make wonders to your brand presence.

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