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Custom Magento Development & Integration To Grow Your Web Sale

Magento is the most powerful, fully-featured open source platform, designed to reinvent the online shopping world. With the launch of Magento2, the platform has tightened its grip in the eCommerce development market. This platform can handle a load of over 5,00,000 products without facing any interruptions, which is why custom Magento development is a great hit among the developers as well as online shopping business owners.

Those who aim to provide their consumers with something different, choose Magento extensions development to integrate additional functionalities for user engagement and increases sales. Whether it’s a service or a tool that you want to empower your store with, Magento will have an integration option just right for your needs. Let us list a few Magento integration ideas that can help you take your e-commerce store to the next level.

Email Marketing Integration

Following the increasing involvement of smartphones, email marketing has become a key element of marketing strategies. Today, emails are more popular in connection with reaching to potential customers, in comparison to text messaging. Smart merchants can easily integrate powerful mail extensions to make their campaign a success by reaching to the existing customers with targeted promotions.

Social Media Integration

Social media is trending, and there’s no denying in that. Online platforms integrate social media login and registration facilities to let shoppers register and login using their social media credentials. Not just social media integration helps boost your sales figures, also it extends your customer reach and increase brand awareness.

Easy Checkout Integration

The most crucial stage for shoppers, where most people abandon their carts, is checkout. This is where users feel annoyed, if the website is using a multi-step checkout process. Custom Magento extensions development allows online stores to offer easy checkout process by reducing the multiple steps to one-page. It helps reduce the number of steps involved during checkout and offer multiple payment options to minimize the cart abandonment rate.

Review Integration

This is another popular integration available for Magento store owners. Most online shopping businesses want to allow their visitors to post their reviews and feedback regarding the products and services they’ve used. Custom Magento development or extension integration makes it an easier process for e-commerce businesses to propel sales manifold as well as build trust for their brands. A wide range of Magento extensions is available on Magento Connect that offer the functionality out-of-the-box.

Custom Magento Integration with Google Shopping

Google Shopping Integration

With the help of Google Shopping integration, the target audience is able to search similar products on different online stores with an ability to compare product prices, features and delivery options. Custom Magento development is a great choice for implementing the functionality to improve website’s SEO as well as the shopping experiences for shoppers. Google Shopping Magento extension development is another way to offering a hassle-free method of exporting product information via Google Shopping account.

SEO Integration

No matter what geographical location you are aiming to target to sell products, SEO is the backbone to turn your dreams into reality. It helps to enhance your market presence as shoppers are able to search your brand name with specific keywords. Custom Magento extensions development can simplify the task and make it faster as the extensions are able to create links with keywords and phrase associations. Also, there are free SEO extensions that render ease and efficiency in optimizing your online shopping store.

Final Words

Magento is a pool of opportunities, allowing online web stores to offer great users’ experiences. Custom Magento development is an easier way to integrate unique functionalities to your web store and you match your users’ expectations.

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