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Crucial Skills Needed To Be Successful As An iOS App Developer

People depend more on online shopping than visiting a physical store. Similarly, they look for reliable and user-friendly apps that make their buying process easy and efficient. Therefore more and more companies are looking forward to developing an app for their business which makes an enjoyable experience for the buyer. We can find people spending hours on mobile phones these days and the best way to attract their attention and to hold them to a product or brand is by creating an app with a user-friendly interface.

Android and iOS app developers have to keep up with evolving technology all the time as there are extreme shifts in technology within no time. Let us find out the most essential skills required for an iOS app developer:

Wide UI Skillset

A Mobile App Development Company, looks for advanced skills before hiring an iOS app developer, but among them, the most important one is a deep knowledge of user interface UI design. A good iOS mobile app developer should possess knowledge in both UI and UX design for Android App Development.

Provide a complete solution

An iOS app developer’s work does not end with coding, it involves greater responsibilities as they are involved closely with every phase of app development such as planning of software through UI design, coding and integrating the app, testing the app, and finally submitting the same in App Store.

Well-awareness of cyber-security

With increasing threats and cyber-attacks, it is highly required to build an app that is highly secured. During iOS app development, it is important to get aware of the regional cyber-security objectives and apply the same during the building of the app.

Knowing different programming languages and tools

With changing time, iOS app developers have to be abreast with the latest technology. It is highly recommended to be proficient with more than one programming language. For iOS app development, the two most important languages are Objective-C and Swift. The other tools and technologies which are in high demand for iOS app development are SpriteKit and SceneKit 2D and 3D framework, Xcode IDE of Apple, API and frameworks such as Cocoa Touch, Foundation, and UIKit, iOS graphics API, and OpenGL.

These are the major skill that is looked for in an iOS mobile app developer. Apart from this the experience of the developer also counts. He must have a sound capacity of understanding the requirement of the customer and build an app with an attractive outlook, easy to use and well integrated with SMS API which swiftly acknowledges the customer about recent offers or product launch by the company. A mobile app developer should join certificate program in regular intervals to increase knowledge and keep themselves aware of the latest happening in the industry.

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Gaurav is working at YapApp as Project Lead and has over 9 years of experience in technologies like iOS & Android. He possesses a sound understanding of technical requirement/problem analysis and resolution for providing the best solutions to clients.

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