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The Biggest UX Trends 2020

The world of web design is unpredictable. Every year, there are new and more advanced software launched to create amazing designs with ease and there are better ways found to make User Experience a better one for the end-user. As the UX design continues to transform the global brands, we’re likely to see the latest …

Top UIUX Design Trends & Technologies to Look for in 2019

The year 2018 has been very impressive if we talk about the technologies launched. Change is good, but it also increases the users’ expectations from the businesses that are having their web presence. Just like the change is nature, it is in the nature of online shoppers and explorers to seek the best platforms, which …

Tips to Create a Website and App

If you are building an app or website, here are some tips that you need to follow. A website is much more than a group of pages that are connected by links.  A website is a space where people meet and communicate with each other. The interaction between people and the website creates an experience …

custom website design company

“Why spend 100s of dollars for custom website development while I can buy a website template that looks equally engaging?” This is the first thing that appears in the mind of most people planning to invest in web presence for their business. Well, it’s quite common to keep thinking about using the templates as not …

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