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Flutter – The New Leader In Cross-Platform Apps!

Whether you’re a mobile app developer or a product manager when planning on creating better digital experiences for the mobile users, you must have come across Flutter. This is a new, revolutionary cross-platform mobile app development framework, by none other than Google.

It has gained immense popularity in quite a short time. Many tech experts also consider it as the future of cross-platform app development. It allows professional mobile app developers to build mobile apps that work across mobile, desktops, and other connected devices.

What is Flutter?

As already mentioned, it is the latest cross-platform app development framework designed for building apps from a single codebase. The apps built with Flutter can work on various devices, including mobile phones, tablets, connected devices, and even laptops and desktops.

It is an open-source SDK platform from the house of Google, launched in August 2016. While most app development frameworks are limited to specific devices, Flutter can create multi-platform apps, making it the future of app development.

Currently, it is considered to be one of the best cross-platform app development tools. It is sure to be a strong competitor of all the available and upcoming solutions too.

Here is what makes Flutter better and different than the others:

Learning Curve

Flutter is powered with its unique programming language – Dart. Many may not have heard this name before, but Dart is the same family as C/C++, Java, and Swift. You need not be an expert in the language to create apps yourself.

It is effortless to adapt, so you can start creating your cross-platform apps in just a few weeks as it is straightforward to learn and master. Apart from this, Google has made its documentation very neat and clear-cut, which is why it keeps inspiring the developers to adapt and use Dart swiftly.

Advanced Programming Language

Flutter is an innovative cross-platform app development framework made for the future, and it leverages the power of Dart programming language, which is also owned by Google. Although it is very rarely used by developers across the world, it is easy to understand JavaScript or Java developers.

Additionally, this programming language has many frameworks available, like Material Design and Cupertino, offering all the required technologies needed to develop mobile apps. And Dart programming language is safe, so your apps will be secure from hackers and other miscreants.

Rich in UI Components and Development APIs

Flutter is the future of cross-platform app development as it is bundled with UI rendering components, device API access, testing, navigation, etc. With Flutter, you get the collection of endless components, so you need not rely on third-party libraries for development or customization purposes. This means when you are using Flutter, you’ll have everything available for developing amazing cross-platform mobile apps.


When it comes to performance, no one would like to make any change. This is why It is becoming more popular among the developers as the apps are prepared apps prepared with excellent quality. Flutter uses a combination of UI components as well as whole logic, which is what makes the Flutter apps faster than the native apps.

The React Native applications need third-party libraries for increasing performance. Still, there’s nothing additional required with Flutter to improve the app performance.

Community and support

This is another primary reason that Flutter is gaining popularity among global developers. There is massive support available from the large community of developers and Google itself. There are endless tutorials available online, along with an enormous collection of libraries, plugins, and UI frameworks that make it easy to learn Flutter.

Its community is growing exponentially. As per the records, Flutter has over 82.5k stars and 10.7k forks on GitHub. The growing figures and trends indicate that they will draw level with React Native within a short time.


It is one of the fastest-growing Open Source cross-platform app development framework. Brilliantly designed to allow developers to build revolutionary mobile apps that are faster, secure, and better than their competitors, Flutter is the go-to app!

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