Social Media Advertising

At YapApp, we look belond fans and followers to give you a real picture with our result driven campaigns. Let us help your brand reach untapped segments of the market by bring our social media executives into the picture. We establish a better brand-consumer relationship with a wider market reach and network expansion through influencers.

Enhance your brand by using the power of Social Media

Its really no surprise that digital media is right now the best platform to market and promote a business, service or product. The reason why it is so successful because of its ability to create awareness and drive traffic without involving any huge costs.



Why choose us?

We like to communicate with target audiences on all social media platforms like FB, Twitter, Instagram to state issues and engage in solutions related to customer service. We will keep you brand presence everywhere on the internet and make sure that no queries or questions go unanswered.

We will use well thought out strategies to reach more people, drive customer engagement and maximize your brand presence with the factual data and best practices in the industry.

Services we offer in Social Media Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the biggest platform so social media advertising and is at the top in advertising businesses through its social ads. We have precision strategies and special techniques to help your business gain the best return on investment.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is the most prominent professional network. We can help create your brand’s awareness here by targeting the right audience.

Twitter Advertising

Paid Twitter ads can play a major role in increasing traffic to your website allowing you to target particular audience types and convert them into leads. We know all the ways to advertise over Twitter whether its by promoted Tweets segmented by location, device or interests to promoted accounts that display in a user’s Who to Follow list.

Google Plus Advertising

Despite its downfall, there has been a lot of accounts getting registered on Google Plus. What we do is tailor make our advertising strategy according to your needs, to get your brand the much needed visibility.

Instagram Advertising

We can help raising awareness about your brand and drive leads to your website in innovative ways through carousels ads, video and photo etc.

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