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For an e-commerce business to work, it is imperative that your website should gain an online presence, but at the same time it should be easy to use as well. Keeping this in mind, we create websites and responsive designs that leverage the latest technology & trends to create user interfaces which are scalable, intuitive and user-friendly. We also make sure our clients are always ready to address the needs and expectations of their customers.

Over the years, YapApp has been designing websites for leading businesses and institutions around the world. Our happy clients with their vibrant websites are proof of that. We provide you with one-stop solution to cater all your design, development and marketing needs. Not only do we create an online storefront for you, but we also make sure it works and generates profits. All our projects are conceptualized after a great deal of planning, thought and research. We understand different goals and needs of a project and keep pace with them as they grow. After identifying an industry set design and various other project requirements, we give you an affordable product, designed to give you maximum value from our web design.
What We Offer...
At YapApp, we look beyond fans and followers to give you a real picture with our result driven campaigns. Let us help your brand reach untapped segments of the market by bringing our social media executives into the picture. We establish a better brand-consumer relationship with a wider market reach and network expansion through influencers.
Unleash the real potential of your business with our lead generation strategies. From e-mail to content marketing, we make sure to use the best available strategies to convert leads into conversions. We make it easier to trace the progress by monitoring reports and tracking campaigns for you.
Turbocharge your online business with our modular growth solutions. We can help you unlock insights and patterns in your collected user data ultimately helping you bring your customers to life by attaining insights from their browsing behavior. We use data intelligence, funnel automation, SEO and product optimization to reveal maximum insights about your business.
Humanize your website for customers with our UI/UX design. We make sure to revolve our planning and work around client satisfaction and bring forth a great user experience design sense. Be it wireframing, prototyping, information architectural design or interaction design, we can do it all for you.
We make sure to take your viable idea and materialize it into a mobile app that your customers love. Our experts can help you understand factors necessary for the success of your app and make sure that your theories are vetted before you make an actual investment.
This is the age of visual media and we make it our priority to create a visually stunning storefront for you. Our developers incorporate the latest web design trends to give you a website that is unique, interactive and visually appeals to your customers.
Get the advantages of full stack JavaScript development with Node.js. We have not only pulled up many great start-ups with this technology, but have also helped giant enterprises establish their hold over the market. Our developers use this cross-built and open source platform to build real time web applications that are fast, stream data and solve all database queries.
Give your customers an interactive and user-friendly website by producing dynamic and flexible content. Increase the efficiency of your online business while reducing the costing by using PHP/MySQL. With the help of our experts, we create applications that are reliable, sophisticated and easy for the third party to comprehend.
Our agile app developers have been creating stunning iOS apps that incorporate the latest features and tech specs in the market. We also make sure that regular updates enhance the usability of your app with the latest market trends. Let’s create an app that helps you engage with your audience and boosts brand loyalty while collecting usable data in the interim.
We follow a design led engineered framework to create Android Apps with continuous integration processes that deliver award-winning applications. We identify a winning strategy with a requirement analysis for your business app. Next; we engineer and maintain your app with reliable support throughout the project.
The future of app building - React Native Framework is here. We have successfully built cross-platform apps using Java and HTML. React native apps are robust, full of animations and transitions that make them interactive and user-friendly. We create apps that make use of user profile creations, location specific content and help you launch campaigns in zones with precise proximity.
We develop mobile-centric web applications that can adapt to any screen size on-the-go. Our developers improve and optimise your e-commerce website and application perfectly by integrating high-end modules and plugins. In an attempt to deliver out-of-the-box experience to your customers, we also upgrade ecommerce applications to match all the latest trends.
We develop outstanding shopping carts with an array of interactive and high-quality features that can increase your business sales and decrease cart abandonment ratio. With custom shopping carts, you can deliver unique shopping experiences that tickles the fancy of your target audience and put your products and services at the centre of it all.
We expand user involvement and business conveniences by integrating a seamless payment gateway system to your e-commerce website. Our developers can easily add all the major payment gateways, portals, POS systems, and e-wallets while ensuring complete security.
Known for its impeccable flexibility, AngularJs is the perfect choice for developing web-based applications, mobile applications, or multi-platform browsers. By leveraging the power of AngularJs, YapApp delivers solutions with beautiful and intuitive front ends that perform as well as they look
A NoSQL database platform, MongoDB increases the overall scalability of your application and enhances its agile nature. Our developers are skilled in seamless integration MongoDB and a variety of other database technologies to ensure your application data is easily accessible and secure all the time.
Built on the JavaScript runtime of Chrome, NodeJS is one of the most reliable platforms for developing robust and highly scalable network applications. Our expert team of developers can help create winning full stack applications with a secure backend on this open-source, cross-browser environment.
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