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Create your own group with YapApp

YapApp is an incredible app with something for everyone. YapGroups are a great way to collaborate, share photos, post comments and stay updated with all the happenings around you. There are two types of Groups on YapApp: Public and Private.

Public Groups-Anyone can join

Public Groups are useful for discussion and sharing content about general topics like best nearby cafes, salons or any general posts. The group page is public and anyone can join the group instantly. Public Groups page has three categories:


Public Groups-How do they work?

All the three categories of the Public Group are location based, which means the technology uses GPS location to allow users search groups based on their respective locations. If your location is switched off, you’ll only be able to see the groups falling under ‘Popular’ and ‘Trending’. The groups falling under ‘Nearby’ won’t be visible, and you’ll get a message to switch on your location.

Creating Sub-Groups or Channels under Public Groups

You can create several sub-groups or channels under the main Public Group. The sub-groups are also location based. The sub-groups will allow you to-

  1. Connect and collaborate with people with similar interests like you.
  2. Participate in discussions relevant to your interest areas
  3. Promote your products and services in the group and easily reach your target audience

Private Groups-How do they work?

As the name depicts, Private Groups are controlled groups and are not open for all users. They are controlled by the owner of the group who has the authority to add users. He/She sends invites to different users and can add them to the group. All the users of the Private Group have the admin rights and can add other users to the group. Only group members and those who have been invited will be able to view the group page.

Creating ‘Sub-group’ or ‘Channels’ under Private Groups

You can create sub-groups or channels under the main Private Group. They are best used for topics that are sensitive or confidential, or limited to a small group of team members. The contents of a private sub-group or channel are visible and searchable only to the channel members.

Send Direct Messages or Group Messages in Private Groups

You can also send direct messages and chat one-on-one with the users of the private group. Group messages are useful for quick, private conversations between two or more team members. These conversations are visible and searchable only to you and the team members you send direct or group messages to.

Download the app

Now available on the App Store and Play Store!