Value-in aims to develop your business to enhance your chances of success. In simple words, it adds value with innovation to your business so that you can generate your revenue in multiple figures.


Value Innovation for Management Consultancy came to us when the advisor of the company Mohammed bin Saleh discussed the project with YapApp squad. After discussing his plans, he had faith on us and handed over the project in our hands for complete care and development.

Planning & Development

Our squad knew that this project is completely different from other projects. We had to keep in mind and work as per the target audience of Arab nations. It was a tough job but we tried our level best to complete web solutions along with a report calculator where you can calculate the feasibility of your project.


The best result any company can ask for is the appreciation from its clients. And, we have that as a feather in our cap. The company loved our work and even came up with other things to be fixed. You can visit the website for details

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