CU, a multi-million project which is a revolution in the communication world. CU is the most innovative photo chatting app where you can connect with each other.


The director of the company, Yoram Kugel and CEO Pankaj Arora had a very clear and focused vision for their project. They knew that their product will change the world of communication.

Planning & Development

YapApp decided to take charge of the product and meet the expectations of the team CU. We worked day and night and faced many hurdles through our journey. We created an app which not only will change the way of communication but also be a leader in the marketplace. Our squad tested and checked the app at all stages.


It was indeed a proud moment when our clients were satisfied with our work and appreciated our efforts well. In the beginning of 2017, product was successfully launched on both iPhone and Android devices. You can download CU App now.

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