Dr. K.R.S. Thind is a man with amazing diagnostic skills and is treating patients in more than 50 countries like including in Canada, United States, Australia, India, Dubai, China, New-Zealand, and few European countries.


He met our team with one simple opinion. He just wanted to treat as many people as possible with homeopathy. He believed that his skills can certainly bring a change in others health. He wanted a website where his patients can contact him and always look for some vital information.

Planning & Development

Our squad drafted the best layout for the client. It was designed as per the needs and target audience. The content we used was drafted after proper meeting and brainstorming. The site was developed to make it an interactive one. The work was discussed with client at every stage for his inputs. Right there from the website to CRM to digital marketing, we completely nurtured the project and handed over when it was ready to fly high!


Dr. Thind was completely surprised and happy when he saw the website. The digital marketing campaign brought to him some amazing clients and increased his following. He still appreciates our efforts and skills. You can visit www.drthindhomeopathy.com and see our work.

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